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 COGNA Conferences

The Council of Geographic Names Authorities in the United States (COGNA) began the tradition of an annual conference in 1977 (listing of past events) and California had the honor of hosting COGNA 1979 (Menlo Park), COGNA 1984 (Lake Tahoe) and COGNA 2003 (Pacific Grove).

Information on current, past, and future conferences is available on the COGNA web site at http://cogna50usa.org/conferences.htm

The Council of Geographic Names Authorities in the United States is organized to promote an association of state geographic names authorities, boards, councils, committees, and coordinators to:
  • Promote standardization of procedures in assigning or authorizing the names of geographic features within governmental jurisdictions in the United States.
  • Promote cooperation among federal and state agencies that have some degree of responsibility in maintaining data bases of names for geographic features and/or cultural entities as mandated by the United States Board of Geographic Names.
  • Make available geographic name information to the officials of governmental agencies and public and private enterprises (foreign or domestic), and the general public.
  • Provide a professional and educational forum at which members of the Council, Federal Advisory Group, International Advisory Group, and interested citizens may present research papers and/or workshops to learn about the "Principles, Policies, and Procedures" concerning geographic names in the naming process within the United States.

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